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R:2 (2XU Race) 

Take your race to the next level with the R2.

Utilising 2XU's new Silicon Glide Skin (SGS)coating plus new generation neoprene foam

technology across the entire suit.

3D Catch Panels for greater distance per stroke

Velocity Strakes for cleaner tracking

1.5mm Underarm/Shoulder Panelling for maximum flexibility

5mm Front Buoyancy Panel

$ 695



2XU C1 2010 Men's

small sorry sold out

small/tall sorry sold out

small/medium Sorry Sold out

medium/solid 1

Regular Retail Price 2011



2XU V1 2010 Men's

Some stock left

while stocks last

Regular Retail Price 2011



2XU E1 Women's

small sold out

small/medium sorry sold out

medium sold out

Large 2

Regular Retail Price 2011



2XU E1 Mens small/medium sold out

Regular Retail 2011




When not on the water we are NZ SPORTS MAD and supply a variety of sporting goods such as :

Swim Suit Hire
Cycle Pants
Tri Gear
Cycle Tops,
Run Jackets
2XU Customised Tri Team Uniforms

Skim boards

Dive Masks
Dive Finns
Catch Bags
Water skis

Soccer Team wear and equipment
Hockey Team wear and equipment
Rugby Team wear and equipment
Basketball Team wear and equipment
Volley Balls
And much more